Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To PLank or not to PLank?

    Hard times call for hard action, does that constitute planking at a rally so as to gain attention or affection? What the heck is planking anyway? Why am I being sucked into this whole bruhaha with the government banning such an imbecilic deed that is just now gaining popularity? To the rest of us who are unaware of this "internet craze", read on...

    As far as my research goes, Planking started as a game between 2 white guys from England in about early 2000's; who were traveling through Europe and initially called it a "lying down game". It was one of the best way for them to document the places that they had been and as obviously as it was posted on social networking sites became viral. The other unofficial author was comedian Tom Green, who claims to have started the deed around 1994. The main objective was to imitate a wooden plank. Face down, arms stuck to the sides, and feet straight, pretty much like a corpse that fell face first.

    Since then, planking has been used as a status enhancer, protest tool, and even an easy way to die. Some of the most famous plankers have included the son of the PM of NZ, the Taiwanese twins and a myriad of famous folks. Other countries have already proposed to ban planking as some people started planking in the most unsafest places. Case in point would be a man in Australia who fell to his death after trying to plank on a rail in his balcony. The distinguished gentleman from Quezon City who has proposed to ban planking may have the same fear in mind. Kids who would attempt to plank in such precarious places are placing themselves in evident anger, other than that; Planking in a transport strike in the middle of a busy thoroughfare may not be such a hot idea after all. If it were up to me, I'd say ban it. I wouldn't do it if people paid me anyway. But as an artist, I guess I would have to say "Safety First!". Happy Planking!!

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