Saturday, May 7, 2011

into the halls of a scattered mind..

in this state of sleeplessness i dwell,just trying to pass the time by not minding anyting or anyone at i am,once the structure of a boy teeming w/ zest to live and to reduced to nothing but a perfect example of failure and remorse,my decisions always the opposite of what i wanted.words come out like burning daggers instead of soothing tones,my actions are that of a 3 year-old…lost and bewildered in a world of astonishment and fear.

am i to blame for my state of confusion? whereas I myself have paved this road i tread w/ each and every painfully arrogant step.stumbling on a few rocks only to find that there are canyons and cliffs soon to fall into once you’ve summed up the courage to move on,no sense in trying to evade or stand still for it comes sooner than you think…the sun,both a harsh and a undeniable reminder of the importance of now.the moon and stars,forever lauging and mocking in all of those restless nights.the wind,sometimes a friend but most often a foe.sway does the gentle breeze yet the trees shake w/ the forcefullest of  gales..the water,so crystal-clear and pure…quenching the thirsts of any rambling fool young or old but also can drown out the good souls.and who will save me from the fires? is it of my own piety and endurance or will the merciful hands that made rescue me from my evil ways? can i just ask to be remolded and bent the other way?
questions that seem irrelevant are always most often the ones difficult to answer and situations that strike us down to the ground are bound to empower us with the strength,wisdom,and patience once we learn to overcome.

easier said than done!for as humans we will eventually be wrong and no matter how we try to forget or change the facts,there will always be someone who’s right…someone who’s better….and someone who’s suffering more than you can ever possibly the great musician John Lennon once said in a song, "so,what have you done?"

here we are,bombarded w/ questions and yet come up w/ empty answers…i’m not trying to say that life sucks,although i’ve already heard myself screaming that out more than i could count in the highest buildings and the busiest of streets.i’ve silenced my heart,my spirit and my mind but still i arrive at the void that haunts me….won’t you take a step into my scattered mind?

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