Monday, February 1, 2016

Diaries of a Fan - HIJO

 For this week's feature, I wanted to highlight this band even though they obviously need no help in the popularity department which makes it a turkey shoot. However, as I stated in my opening article, spare me from whatever machinations your malicious minds can conceive. I like this band not just because they are my friends. I am not writing this so that I can gain any sort of compensation other than the satisfaction of seeing these guys in action. So, ladies and germs, I present to you - Hijo.

Last time I saw these guys play was in a quaint bar inside BF Homes, PQ called Maso.. I was surprised as it pretty much consisted of members from a largely famous band which is now defunct and whose name shall not be mentioned in this article (because I am an evil man who wants to make you people exercise your brains a wee bit..). As soon as they started to play, I was completely enamoured. Afterwards, they became hermitic and I thought we had once again lost something great because people in the Philippines never even gave it a proper chance - not unlike so many great talents in the local scene, fading away into relative obscurity.

Fast forward to 2016, I was privileged to have witnessed their sort-of mini reunion on the 2nd leg of the TSP 5 year anniversary series in Quarry Bar, Las Piñas and I am proud to say that I am still enamoured - I guess more so now than ever before. The bar is a spacious, semi-open venue but they were able to make the sound they created hug each and everyone within 5 meters of the immediate area. Watching such a star-studded group, you would expect a good set but what I got that night was bordering the orgasmic. I can't even begin to describe the tenacity of their synchronicity and all I can muster now is that it's your fault for not being there to have experienced it. Nathan, Ira, Junjie, and Paolo show something that even the most famous of bands lack - a deep respect for each other and unbroken lines of communication. How they could play and create music at the same time is I guess part of their magic - added to fact that they can make it look so seamless. Music has always been transcendental to me and Hijo's music comes close to formulating a rational coefficient so as to explain it's essentiality to me. All I can say to everyone else on this planet and beyond the universe, Hijo is A band to see and hear.

For more information on the band, please do check their fanpage on Facebook:

As for me, I will still be lurking in the shadows of the local OPM scene. Showing support and seeking the answers to life while being as drunk as I could ever be. See you next time kids!

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