Saturday, May 7, 2011

Buendia Avenue

“Hey man,can you spare some lose change?” said the beggar standing on the corner as I pass by. As with courtesy, I turn to say “I don’t.”. To my surprise, I saw thru his greased face and tired eyes someone strangely very familiar to me. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”,I asked. But instead of words, his reply to me were wide open eyes and a quick escape.

I grabbed his arm just as he was about to flee, I immediately demanded an answer from him. Struggling like a mouse in panic, my strength sadly was more than his and yet he still tries to break free as I stand failing to understand his actions toward me. I don’t remember loaning out huge amounts of money or a guy trying to hit on my chic. Yet he seemed so scared and bewildered as if he was really guilty of an evil deed by then a crowd was starting to gather around. 

Bystanders asking each other “What’s going on here?”. The man then started screaming for sympathy to turn the tables on me. I felt the temperature suddenly rise as the bystanders started encircling around me, in my defense I announced that this was only an inquiry as he was behaving strangely. The crowd quickly turned into an enraged mob all because they didn’t know what had happened. Saved by tears from the sky, the rain came down hard and forced the bystanders to run for cover; leaving me the beggar with his arm still clutched in my hand. And was the water cleansed these dirty streets, it also came to reveal that the dirty beggar was actually me…

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