Sunday, May 8, 2011

i'm too weird..

she says i'm too much in love with myself
that i can't seem to love anybody else
she keeps on talking about all of the good deeds she's done for me
but she keeps on forgetting one thing
i've already warned her from the start
change is only for those who want
this me,flesh and bone..nothing more
she's all too much and i'm too weird
should i be worried that i'm the villain in this comedy
the scenes keep on rolling by but i've run out of clever lines
standing in the background like an insignificant prop
and from here i can see thru you with killer eyes
bring out the knives; stab this black heart
burn me at the stake; rid me of this cursed life
free me of this bewilderment..
so that she might see the truth in the light

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