Sunday, January 3, 2016

Caution! Work in Progress...

As one of my resolutions for 2016, I am revamping my blog to publish more of the Pinoy music scene as I view it. It has been long since I've able to write anything of substance (or plain spite against certain realities and the horrors of Philippine Politics ) that I now figure that putting out something about Original Pilipino Music with the hope that it would be a more noble use of my time and bandwidth. The internet is abound of information about anything and everything including said topic so I strongly hope that I could put some vigor and much needed focus on the dying local music scene. The end game is to bring back the romantic allure it once had. I can't say that I am THE definite authority on the subject but what I can offer is an insider's opinion in the eyes of a true fan boy. Some of you may find my articles at times biased, off point, critical and often snarky but I assure you that it will not be in the pursuit of fame or whatever trivial machinations are out there. It will be primarily because it is my point of view and would still be left as prey to the reader's interpretation.
Truth be told, the OPM band scene is chock full of miracles and tragedies that it almost feels like a infinite replay of suicide-inducing TV drama. Victories as I observed are short-lived that almost all aspirants and veterans alike would most likely fall into relative obscurity - deliberate or otherwise - at any given point and time. Revivals do happen but mostly without common courtesy or even the same level of passion. Adding salt to the wounds are foreign bands, moronic fads, and the vicious detractors. And then there's people like me. The ones who see it's grime-covered charm, it's seductive randomness and it's immense sea of talents - to put it into an analogy, One could compare it to a disfigured Mona Lisa, a headless Venus de Milo or even burnt toast. I can happily say that there is something for everyone to love and to loathe. I guess it's just a matter of giving some well-deserved attention. Not just by listening or reading about it, but to experience it in the flesh as well. Stay tuned for the offerings of Johnny Muzikero.

P.S - photo credits for toolmagic and the Elviña Residence..

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