Thursday, January 21, 2016

Diaries of a Fan: Humdinger

As I contemplated on my choice for the next band to feature, I was torn between writing about an established band or a band deserving to be on the spotlight. As a glutton for punishment -- please, no BDSM references -- I chose the latter. About 5 or 8 years back, I had been trapped in and happily listening to my elitist bubble of genres until my good friend and transient tattoo artist Kenneth L outted me as a fashion victim and rekindled my love for metal. I had always admired Metal's tenacity and sheer brashness plus its imagery of devils, blood, gore, things on fire, and sharp pointy objects was quite an effective repellent for those religious types. Unfortunately for me, my mother was a strictly religious woman who once went as far as burning my copy of White Zombie's La Sexorcisto Album and calling our church's pastors so that I could be "exorcised". The exorcism never worked though as I covertly listened to metal at my friend's house - however, I was pretty scarred after seeing one of my prized possession burned in holy fire. So enough with my weird childhood, I present to you, lovely readers -- Humdinger.

I can't remember the exact date I first heard these guys play, but what I do remember is the excessive amount of energy they brought on to the stage. I definitely felt the alcohol get shot out of my body and just started head banging along to their songs. It was awesome. Now, for the average uninitiated gig goer - metal is the villain of the underground music scene. As soon as the first few notes are played, crowds suddenly thin out like somebody farted a real stinker... Only open-minded people and those who really like metal remain and show support. I think this is the sad reality all metal bands face and this I think is where Humdinger gets the fuel for their skills - allowing them to ascend mediocrity. 

 Their songs show technique without diminishing its intensity. It is heavy and loud but you can discern the fluidity of the notes of each instrument. Their choice words can make even an old maid blush but it is as far and away from baseless anger and plain nonsense unlike what some more popular metal bands currently churn out. Humdinger’s sound compelled me to move. I am not kidding when I say that because even outside a venue, when these guys take the stage - I could feel the molecules in the air vibrate. I consider Ryan, Abe, Ino and Tata as masters of an extraordinary calibre.  Simply put, if you guys would just take the time to listen to Humdinger's music with an open mind, I can assure you that they are very much well worth your affection.

 For information about Humdinger and how to book them - you check their FB page:
-p.s: Photos ripped from the Humdinger fanpage

As for me, I will be lurking in the shadows of the OPM music scene - seeking new bands to bring into the light.. armed with an uncommon sensibility and a big bottle of Red Horse Beer in hand. Until next time, kids!


  1. tnx tito johnny! check out niyo rin yung sa Consolidar mga kap! :) SUPPORT UNDERGROUND MUSIC! SUPPORT OPM! :)

  2. I am not really a fan of metal until I heard this band.. I was one of those who think that it is all trash, but, woah, I was educated when I get to watch it live like I did not even bother if my eardrums were hurting.. And I get to appreciate the energy, the angst, they have to put up for the show. I was even under the potion for a few days that I had to check their other songs on their page like a stalker hahah but, really, hands down, this band is worth watching!