Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Scientist

Science has greatly improved life on plant Earth in the last century and half. Technological advancements has now allowed tools, gadgets, and cures that our forefathers would almost instantly call mystical or miraculous; Plus, it has made our curious world and the things that live on it be classified or ranked thus eliminating the horrible ignorance that used to infect and feed our insatiable curiosity. A kindergartner can now tell you how rainbows are made,  and that the Sun is only a star as same as all the tiny twinkle lights that glimmer in the night sky. 

Anyone can tell you that earthquakes are caused the plates of the Earth moving beneath our feet and that the rain cannot be caused by dancing and chanting around like idiots. Knowledge has now become the ultimate power; the more you know, the more you can manipulate. The lesser the aware, the better the welfare of the general populous. Now arises the dilemma wherein many prefer not to share this prized possession and many fallen in it’s audacious pursuit to be used in the greater good or abused by them who crave of the prestige it is associated with. What was once the cause of our very existence has now evolved into it’s greatest threat. Even the concept of a higher being presiding over us has been redundantly desecrated, only left to those who would want to believe. What most of us are left with is the consciousness that we may be alone in this immense space that enclose us..

And yet, infinite variables still elude our rationality and still resort the the simplicity of not even wanting to discover what lies inside it’s intimidating packaging. Emotions, one or if not  the most unexplained, reside in deepest recesses of inquiries and commonly cause a hunger for it control. If we could all put leashes on how our flesh will take particular situations and use the end result as the perfect leverage, then this world would still end up in ruins as the innocence that protect us die. Destroyed by our own two hands…

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