Saturday, May 7, 2011

Farmer John

Getting older by the minute, dare I ask what have we become? If it is such of a pain to be forgotten, then why do we find it so easy to ignore the harsh realities that comes out blaring like the sound of horns in a heavy fog. What mystery lies yonder the opposite direction? I do not wish to imply that I know but would you agree to defy your norms just to know the unknown?

Taught what to say and what these words mean, can you say that you truly extract the essence from a message spun from a swindler’s sticky web and a thespians picture perfect smile. Bewitched by the motion of a virgin’s hips and the left dumbfounded by the dancing candlelights; the words may poorly portray the image of this confusion I paint. But at least now, the question has formed a shape..

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