Saturday, May 7, 2011

always with the questions

Fragile are the threads of life, yet I seem to be weaving a reckless web. All I’ve accomplished is being an image of a hopeless case, always carefree and reckless. A Fool! I know that’s what I am, is it so wrong to yearn and wait for a better life or should I just continue with my pitiful tries? I walk the streets with open eyes and see the anguish my brothers seem to be trapped in. Minimum wage yet it’s the “global age”, no money for a decent meal or even a decent place to live in. It’s even harder when you got hungry kids roaming streets, ending up with an even hungrier stomach and a knife in one hand. I see my sisters standing on a dark corner, whose only companion is a cheap cigarette and a pocketful of dreams. Everyone seems to be finding an easy way out, even I. I look back into the past and ponder whose should be the blame. Parents who never cared; a government that has always fed us lies; a harrowing experience that left you feeling that God has turned his back on you; or simply because it just seemed to be a good idea at the time. Whatever your reason, I don’t care. To each man his own poison, everybody’s got their own cross to bear. But this is what I’m going to share to you, I may be a fool but at least I’m not masked like you. I admit I’m unclean and I have no right to tell you what to do. Let me just remind you that it doesn’t hurt to listen for a change.

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