Saturday, May 7, 2011


Each new morn dawns with a new hope of redemption, we twist and turn in accord with what the ever-changing flow of this life throws. Minding my own business I venture forth, like ships passing in the dead of the night. We walk with our heads down and our eyes gazed on the the paths we tread.
All it took for my world to crumble was a message from someone familiar, someone dear. The only person that gave real comfort and love has moved on to the great unknown.

The mighty and composed intellectual has now been cast into the unforgiving and jagged jaws of reality, lost was the composure; lost was the priorities; lost was the promises made; lost and searching for meaning and comfort yet again.
I have lost my zest for life and my inspiration to succeed. I now live for my brothers and sisters. I live not for myself but for the smile I wish to hold again

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