Saturday, May 7, 2011


Watching the stars from a distance makes you wonder what they really are; some things are not what they seem. A quiet lake may hold within an unfathomable depth, the calmness can be inviting and it helps when you know how to swim. Similar to the faces we see everyday walking around in haste as they carry out their concerns, they wear masks with smiling faces but in their eyes you can tell they harbor a deep pain inside. Words can be sugar-coated and misleading, yet in the delivery you would find a hint of helplessness, pretentious bravery or reactive sarcasm. There are but a chosen few who have stepped into the light and unraveled their true nature, but they mostly get scorned and mocked for being transparent when some use it as an excuse to act irrational. Be an antagonist or the protagonist, only the being within can tell. You can fool everybody but you can never fool yourself.
The stars still glisten like jewels covering the sky, complementing the moonlight. The silence pierces deep into the bowels of my conscience, to a higher level of awareness or a more blurred vision that I leave for the winds to decide. In our hands we mold our success and tragedies, in the words of my college physics professor; “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Obviously fair and yet a bitter pill to swallow, the fingers can’t help but point and blame. Here come the far-fetched explanations, they leave us either enlightened or baffled. I prefer to listen and analyze first before blurting anything out though it rarely comes as intended. Usually misunderstood, I have grown accustomed to constantly repeating myself in ways that leave me amazed. Comprehension is as tricky as putting thread to a needle; seldom strokes of luck come to relieve me of the typical mind games. How the message was lost in transmission, that of which I cannot answer. I have spoken words that have fallen on deaf and uncaring ears; I have uttered phrases that shed some light into the darkness. Some chose to comment and argue, and some are left in a state of shock with the knowledge that I am also a creature of reason even if my appearance says otherwise. Dare you trust a rambling fool with baggy pants and no shirt than the opinions of they who dress to impress but carry words of no substance or usefulness?
Like a child I continue to gaze at the stars as they begin to take shape and form. Gracing the heavens with their unmatchable splendor, I stand in envy as they silently watch over our moments of rest. Free from man’s contagious habit of constant worrying, too far to even give out a helping hand. Forever beyond our reach, but never failing to shine even in the pitch-black night…

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